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About us

Founded in 2023, Brewcode Technologies Private Limited is an IT consulting and product development company. An organization with some of the most intellectual minds working together, we started as a provider of

Our team’s potential pushed us to expand into software development services.

The company was established with the sole purpose to digitally enable companies to grow now and tomorrow. In a nutshell, we help you decode success! We thrive on delivering intuitive competitive-edge business solutions in BFSI, Retail, and Healthcare domain.

We are headquartered in Bidar, Karnataka. We have grown to become a worldwide presence in countries like the United States, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and more.

To enrich digital experiences, brewcode offers innovative and ingenious solutions to businesses of all sizes. brewcode goes beyond expectations. Content and communications are our areas of expertise as a full-service global marketing company. Our greatest strength is ensuring effective solutions for our clients based on their needs. We are professional, experienced, and forward thinking. We are exceptional today because we create tomorrow's brands, web portals, and mobile apps by creating today's premium brands.

Marketing and branding are integrated with digital innovations. Our agency believes in the passion for bringing more, and we begin where other agencies stop with a relentless pursuit of success. Using creative innovation and technical expertise, we combine your brand into something perfect. At brewcode, we believe in creating a digital experience instead of just coding a project. We can help you build a more resilient IT infrastructure by providing you with superior services and solutions. By optimizing your business techniques, we can help you enhance your productivity.

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What we can do for you

We enable you to accelerate your digital transformation with Most of our developers know how to fix any kind of problems related to technologies we work with. Be it a big UI bug or small bug, backend or front end, we will solve it.

We envision a solution and develop it into an engaging product that will pivot your company into sure-shot success.

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What we Offer

Expand your team with brewcode.

Whether you are looking for end-to-end product development, full-stack development, UI/UX design and engineering or other IT consulting services, brewcode with its capability can provide you the right strategy.

About Team

We follow the Agile Methodology for product development.

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Our Team

brewcode is committed to creating, enhancing, and celebrating teamwork. We encourage collaboration and focus on team accomplishments rather than individual ones. By working together, our team can complete tasks more quickly, better, and more efficiently. Members of our motivated and engaged team continuously expand their skills and knowledge to improve themselves. Our conducive work environment allows them to grow professionally with brewcode System, which fulfils their desire for advancement.

Despite small victories along the way, our team is well qualified, skilled, and experienced. Each member acknowledges how they can improve and constantly evolve and learn from their mistakes. The charismatic leaders of our organization help each member understand their role, communicate and uphold the team's vision. Dedicated to the company's mission, they strive to achieve the company's goal.

Industry Verticals

We follow the Agile Methodology for product development.


Applications for health care and fitness are primarily aimed at helping and benefiting each party. The platform is robust, scalable, and user-friendly, simplifying patients' concerns on a single platform


Thanks to e-learning web and mobile apps, online education has undergone a remarkable transformation. It is an interactive app that provides learners with expected results after they input their data.

Hospitality Industry

As far as design and development are concerned, we are essentially limitless. We develop hospitality applications keeping in mind the real-time needs of the places where they may be used and the latest features.

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Throughout the industry, people and goods are transported every day via air, sea, and land. The development of logistics apps streamlines business processes to an extent.

E-Commerce Industry

To ensure that our customers have a seamless experience while browsing your web, mobile app products, our e-Commerce app developers understand your specific requirements, design and integrate simple yet powerful features.

Tourism Industry

Travel-specific mobile apps are developed by our highly skilled and experienced team of experts. Using a dedicated travel app, you can offer your business a complete travel solution.

Our Technologies

We deliver end-to-end product engineering services that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

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Why Brewcode?

We deliver innovative solutions on a global scale with speed and agility like no other!

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Responsive UI Development

The apps which will be developed by brewcode will be supported in all major devices like Mobile, Tabs, Desktops, Large screens etc

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Quality of Code

Our codes pass through multiple scrutinizing gazes of a quality team. Nothing but the highest of the standards is accepted.

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Customer and employee partnership

We foster a collaborative culture by nurturing the two most important associations an organization can have by offering the best to each.

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Problem Solving/ Issue resolving skills

Most of our developers know how to fix any kind of problems related to technologies we work with. Be it a big UI bug or small bug, backend or front end, we will solve it.

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Code Security

We have a great team, whatever we code, it will pass through multiple security checks which makes sure that the code is secured and there are no loopholes for hackers.

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Centre of Excellence

We have excelled in providing Full-stack development, UI/UX engineering, and IT Consulting for diversified clients with a strong team.

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Delivery On Time

We deliver on time, that's our promise.Due to our vast experience managing complex software development projects, we competently foresee possible delays and tackle any unexpected issues that may arise.

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Masters on JS Development

Whether the project is React/Angular/Vue/Jquery, we can deliver it to you without hassle, because we trained ourselves to become master in Javascript, we are not one platform dependent.

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Cost Efficient

brewcode believes in the principle of rendering solutions that are of highest quality and yet cost-effective.

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